Friday, March 19, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

I know, it took me awhile...

Here is a late Merry Christmas and a late Happy New Years to you all!

Mexico... ahh man, where to start. Physically, my body was broken but it was such a refreshing trip to see the familiar faces of friends in Ensenada. Here's a little picture run down of the happenings...

Gift wrapping process, packing candy included...

Assembly line...

Home sweet home

Japanese food, hilarious

What was even better though was having the taco stand come to us!

Welcome to the colonias, the poorer areas of Mexico...

We went to 4 different colonias and helped Francisco set up and run his Christmas program.

Each Christmas program started with singing...

There were even some christian clown skits

Did ya hear the bell?

Cause it is dinnertime!

Big pot of pezole... delicious!


Pinata time!

The ring of chinos for our protection and theirs...

Because when the candy drops, it is a mad rush...

And of course...

...we always have a lot of fun just playing!

The program ended with gift giving...

... with the greatest gift being the sharing of the Gospel message!

A view looking out at one of the colonies..

Our team!

The biggest blessing for me was getting reconnected with amazing friends from Mexico. The hearts of the people of Ensenada, specifically of Francisco, Elva, Vasti and the rest of their family is of incredible encouragement to me of how a life led following Christ can be so refreshing and fulfilling. Keep the Camacho family in your prayers as they diligently live lives boldy for Christ in Ensenada!

From the words of Francisco, let us be blessings to others! Much love.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

From one adventure to the next...

I just got home at 5pm on Thursday and in a few hours i'll be headed to the airport to fly down to San Diego and then have a couple hour drive to Ensenada, Mexico for a short term mission trip with my church from Dec. 19-23.

Life is busy but at this point in time, after all that touring, home has just been another hospitality house for the last couple of days. My stay in San Francisco is over and now the next travel destination is Mexico!

Prayers for safety both travelwise and healthwise along with team unity and just an ability to be purely servants would be greatly appreciated.

Ensenada, Mexico, here I come! Feliz Navidad!

Much love to my Daraja family, all the people i've met on my journey thus far and everyone at home!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Grand Finale

The moment has come already.

By tomorrow, things it'll have been the last of by now:
- Last time ironing the kids' costumes
- Last time unloading the bus
- Last time running the BrightPoint table
- Last time having a sack lunch (maybe)
- Last time saying good night and giving multiple hugs and kisses to my family of 35
- Last time in a host home
- Last time telling 3 boys to get to shower and get to bed
- Last time praying with the boys before going to bed
- Last time travelling on the Daraja bus
- Last time counting off in numbers
- Last time being a parent to 23 beautiful Kenyan children

There's more but I just can't think at this rate. Not sure how tomorrow will be but I am definitely excited for the future of Kenya because these children will do big things for God's kingdom, no matter where they are! Pray for traveling mercies for my Kenyan family tomorrow and that any heartache that may come from tomorrow will be covered with the knowledge of the sovereignty of our God!

Much love and see you soon San Francisco...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today is the day!

Live concert, here we come!

Can't believe it is here already but it is definitely show time now!

Pray that everything will run smoothly tonight - kids will have energy, Abbu's voice may be rested, technical aspects to be figured out - and above all else that God may be glorified!

Much love ya'll, i'll be home in less than a week!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

Two posts in one week? What a rarity! The fun Christmas events that began Saturday morning in Highlands, North Carolina as snow littered the ground are the influence behind this timely holiday post!

Woo hoo!

Reactions to seeing snow and getting to play in it for the first time = Priceless

Yes, Daraja finally saw snow and we saw it altogether which makes it even better!

Christmas times' precious gifts!

How about we throw in a fun Christmas time parade after all that fun?


Daraja family fun!

And say, why not sing a song or two after the town's parade!

Our beautiful voices!

Of course the only holiday movie to really get you into the Christmas spirit is Elf! After all, we take it from him, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Tonight we traveled back in time to Bethlehem put on by a local church in Canton, GA and enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells that surrounded the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

"Back to Bethlehem"

It is official, white Christmases are definitely the best Christmases.

And don't forget, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Much love and an early merry Christmas wish from me to you!

P.S. Swiss miss hot chocolate rules.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Was Thanksgiving really a week ago?

It has been awhile since i've been able to get out a real post, so sorry!

I can not believe it is December already, feels like it was just the summer. Where has all the time gone?! I'm sad that I won't have as much time to get into the swing of Christmas, so expect a lot of Christmas spirit once I get back home!

Thanksgiving! So as I had mentioned, I got to enjoy my Thanksgiving not once, not even twice but three different times! On Wednesday, the Daraja family got the opportunity to cook a Kenyan meal for ourselves and the host. It was a delicious meal that included chipati(similar to a flour tortilla), cale, beef stew and chai!

Rolling chapati!

Dan cutting Cale!

Grace not only made the beef stew but the rice as well!

My Kenyan family even let me help out with some of the cooking!

I got to spend Thanksgiving day with a host home in Greenwood, SC and then the day after that I was in Thomasville, NC with a host home who was having their Thanksgiving meal that night! 3 incredible families and 3 amazing Thanksgiving dinners made for 1 memorable Thanksgiving. On top of that, I missed the Turkey Bowl with the Sunset Brotherhood back at home but got a couple games of my own in playing with relatives of our host and teaching my Kenyan boys american football!

With it being December, that means I have now less than 2 weeks with the kids as they fly back on Dec. 15. Things are definitely bittersweet at this moment. I was blessed with a day off today, probably my last one of the tour, because I was starting to wear thin on my patience and my body is just tired. Prayers for that and just an ability to pour everything i've got out these last couple weeks would be greatly appreciated.

We've got a live CD recording coming up on Friday, Dec. 11 at NorthPoint church in Atlanta where Andy Stanley is the pastor and guys like Kristian Stanfill and Steve Fee lead worship. I'm so excited for the night because i'm sure it will be a huge rocking crowd! Too bad i'm assuming it'll take awhile for the actual CD to come out.

What a great way to be ending things off! Leaving Charlotte, NC today for the mountains in NC and then back to GA where we'll be wrapping things up. Can't believe this journey is almost over but the memories and relationships i'm sure will carry on for a lifetime.

Much love to everyone back home.